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Singing Lessons Abu Dhabi

About V.A.S

Vocal Art Studio offers students premium and bespoke vocal training, music mentorship, and singing lessons in Abu Dhabi.

All lessons are created and led by Tajda J. Turner, an award-winning professional singer who has performed on some of the most prestigious stages in the world.

V.A.S welcomes singers of all ages and experience, and accommodates most musical styles, including pop, rock, musical theatre, contemporary, classical, and opera.

By only retaining a small number of students, Tajda is able to create personalised lessons for each singer based on their experience, ability, and goals.

Whether a beginner or an experienced singer, V.A.S delivers only the finest level of coaching. This includes learning how to master the technical aspects of your vocal instruments and improving performances.

V.A.S goes beyond helping you become better a singer; the studio encourages students to express their creativity, build confidence, and most importantly, have fun!

Tajda J. Turner


Music Styles Taught at V.A.S

Singing Lessons Abu Dhabi


Contemporary commercial music: Everything from pop, rock, gospel, and R&B to soul, country, and folk

Singing Lessons Abu Dhabi

Musical Theatre

Songs from Broadway and the West End, bringing together singing with spoken dialogue and theatrical performance 

Abu Dhabi Singing Lessons

Classical and Opera

Western classical music, including Choral, Art Songs, Baroque to more dramatic work of Opera and Operetta


Single Lesson

45mins – AED 320
60mins – AED 420

5 Lessons

45mins – AED 1450
60min – AED 1815

10 Lessons

45mins – AED 2600
60mins – AED 3300


Customised mentorship plans available for youth talent.

Singing Lessons Abu Dhabi

About Tajda J. Turner

Tajda has been a vocal coach, singing teacher, and music mentor for more than 10 years. She has taught over 150 students, many of whom have progressed to professional singing careers and attended performing arts academies across Europe. 

As an award-winning soprano, Tajda has performed as a in numerous productions and continues to gain recognition working with renowned orchestras and artists. Having worked with some of the world’s finest singers, conductors and directors, Tajda has built up a wealth of experience to pass on to her students.

While she remains an active singer, her greatest passion has always been in helping to guide the next generation of performers. V.A.S students will therefore not only become better singers and performers, but those with professional ambitions will have access to unique insight from someone who has already taken a similar path.



Tajda is a born singer and an excellent pedagogue. With her help, I was able to significantly improve my interpretation. Whenever I left a lesson, I left not only with a passion for further improvement, but also with a clear idea of ​​how to achieve it – and this is probably the most a teacher can give a student.


Tajda showed me how emotions are best expressed through music, how to understand the emotional theme, and then perform it. She even helped and advised me on original songs. I warmly recommend Tajda to everyone. She is very kind, always cheerful, empathetic, and open-hearted.


I learned from her the technical aspect of correct breathing, supported singing, and expanded my vocal range. Tajda is hard-working, relaxed and lively, and she is very professional. She has a lot of knowledge about solo singing, which she can pass on to students in an understandable and interesting way.


I came as a rock singer, but in the end I got a lot more than that. Tajda is an exceptional pedagogue, with a deep knowledge of singing. With her help, I became a confident singer in practically all genres, and my music knowledge expanded. I use the knowledge with several music groups, which serves me well today.


Tajda is a very special person. She has clear desires and goals, and teaches from her experience and success. Tajda teaches not only techniques for different types of singing, but offers important critique that contribute to a successful performance. 


I can say that visiting solo singing at Tajda was one of my best decisions of my life. The classes are very relaxed and always filled with laughter and fun. With her help, my vocal range has increased, and I gained stamina and self-confidence. She is an excellent mentor who wholeheartedly dedicates herself to music.


Tajda is one of the main reasons why I became a professional singer. She always inspires me with her positive, energetic and professional attitude. Tajda is always willing to adapt to her students and helps to fulfil their potential. I found my voice with Tajda, gaining a lot of knowledge and confidence, as well as motivation for the future. 


I started going to Tajda’s singing lessons when I was very young. We started with easier songs, but I progressed very quickly and I started performing after only one year. I was always very nervous before performances, but Tajda helped me a lot. I also play the guitar, which we have included in the performances several times.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have any previous experience as a singer to be trained at Vocal Art Studio?

Singers of all ages and experience are welcome at V.A.S! If you are looking for singing lessons in Abu Dhabi, then give us a call!

How does Vocal Art Studio select which singers to work with?

Due to limited capacity, all new singers are encouraged to have an initial introductory lesson. This will give us the opportunity to get to know each other and decide if we want to work together.

What singing styles does Vocal Art Studio teach?

V.A.S caters to pop, rock, musical theatre, classical, opera, western folk music, and most forms of European and English-language music.

Can I have singing lessons at my home?

Home services for singing lessons in Abu Dhabi are available on a special basis. Additional costs will apply. Please inquire for further information.

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Contact: +971 50 823 4495
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